The Kids Are Back in School! Now Is The Perfect Time to Do Some Fall Cleaning.

With the children back in school and the house finally quiet again, now is the perfect time to turn your attention to deep cleaning, especially your carpets! After a busy summer of long days, late nights and barbecues, it’s likely that your carpets are in need of some TLC.


Summer allergens and dirt can get trapped deep inside carpet fibers, leading to allergy irritation and illness even when the rest of your house is clean and sanitized. Dust and pollen from summer can linger for months after the season ends, and a professional carpet cleaning service is the best way to make sure your home is fresh for fall.


In addition to having your carpets professionally cleaned, consider some of these fall cleaning tips, too!


Flip Your Mattress




Flipping your mattress will change the pressure distribution and make it last longer and keep its shape. Before you flip, though, make sure you turn it 180 degrees so the foot of the mattress is now the head.


Deodorize with some baking soda and add some crisp linens and fall bedding to make your bedroom extra cozy.


Dust and Vacuum All Furniture


Make sure your sofa, chairs, curtains and other upholstery are thoroughly vacuumed to remove dust mites. Remove any cushions, wash any that can be run through the laundry machine and ensure all your home’s fabrics are clean and dust-free for fall.


Wash Your Windows


Make sure you don’t miss a second of the beautiful fall leaves outside by having your windows cleaned inside and out. You can use your preferred glass cleaner, or hire a company to professionally clean your home’s exterior so it is sparkling for the new season.


Clean the Walls


Even the structure of your home needs thoroughly cleaned, and chances are your walls have accumulated plenty of smudges, marks and handprints after a summer with the kids home all day. The best way to clean your home’s walls is to use warm water, a fresh sponge and a gentle cleaner. Make sure that you do not scrub too hard as this can cause the paint to rub off.


Make sure that you keep your sponge moist but never soaking wet, as you don’t want any lingering moisture to be absorbed and cause mold.


Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning can be the best way to kick-off your fall preparations. Call  a San Antonio Carpet Cleaner for this. Start small and recognize the biggest areas that need changed. Investing in some new storage or decluttering from summer can be a great way to make sure your autumn is organized and enjoyable.