Preventing Bad Bacteria in the Home

indexThe tile grout lines located on countertops and walls are places where grime collects, leading to an unattractive appearance. Worse than the way the items look is that the grime may contain pathogens such as bacteria, mold or viruses that can lead to illness. Cleaning tile grout lines on a regular basis is imperative to have a sanitized surface in a home, but maintaining the material requires a lot of time along with specialized tools. Rather than attempting this difficult chore on your own, it is possible to hire a trained technician to bring the correct equipment and cleansers to your home.

Prevent Dangerous Foodborne Illnesses

On a daily basis, you should clean the grout in a kitchen after preparing and serving meals. Food debris tends to embed in a tile’s grout, creating an ugly color or foul odor, but a grout-cleaning technician can remove the food particles that remain in a kitchen’s countertop grout to avoid the dangers from salmonella that causes foodborne illnesses. You should wash a kitchen’s countertops with a soft cloth soaked in hot water and chlorine bleach, making sure to rub lightly on the grouting lines to remove dried substances.

Hire a Professional Technician

In bathrooms, the grout located on countertops and walls are covered with germs from dirty washcloths, toothbrushes and splashes of water during showers. A technician can use specialized tools and cleansers to remove debris that leads to illnesses. You can use a mild cleanser and soft cloth to wash and dry a bathroom’s grout lines to prevent soil buildup. For difficult stains, mix a paste of baking soda and water to apply to the discoloration before spraying it with white vinegar to bubble away debris.

Avoid Mold Growth on Grout

Not only do you need to worry about germs in the grout of bathrooms, but also, there is a possibility that mold will grow on the lines. Keeping mold from growing in grout lines in bathrooms is a challenge because the areas are frequently damp and humid, but you can turn on an exhaust fan to remove steam that helps the mold spores to grow. If you do not like to use harsh chlorine bleach in a home, then it is possible to mix warm water and white vinegar to sanitize grout lines, but make sure to dry the tiles completely with a soft cloth after cleaning.


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Carpets need to be cleaned regularly to prevent germs and bacteria from developing in the house.  You also want to make sure the carpet cleaner you choose does things correctly so you know everything is dried right and cleaned correctly.  If a cleaner puts too much water into the carpet and doesn’t flush out the stains then it can just make matters worse.