What to look for/ Professional roofer:


A new roof should last a considerable amount of time. However, when a roof begins to wear and shows signs of age it it probably time to consider getting a new roof. Securing a professional roofer may be challenging to say the least. There are some very important things to be conscious of when looking for a professional roofer.

*Do your own Research:

First, it is a good idea to do some research of your own before hiring a professional to install a new roof. If you locate a roofer through an Internet search then first go directly to the company web site.

Examine the company web site as closely as possible. Read about the services the roofing company currently offers. In addition, look for testimonials from previous customers. Make certain the roofer is licensed and fully insured. There is a number you can call to check out the credentials of an individual roofer or construction company.

You may feel more secure hiring a roofer that has been in business a considerable amount of time. A roofer or roofing company that has been in business 25-30 certainly has a substantial amount of experience within the industry. Many people feel more comfortable with an experienced contractor/roofer as opposed to someone just starting out in the business.

Prior to ever having any roofing work done, the roofer should come out to the home to provide a customer estimate. It is fairly easy to get a sense about a persons work ethic as well as their personality upon the first meeting. A roofer that is personable and friendly is certainly bound to leave a good impression on the potential client.

The roofer should put everything in writing concerning work required along with the cost. Never accept an estimate by word of mouth. Once you get something in writing the person can not change their price later on.

*Narrow Choices/ Verifying Credentials:

It is a good idea to at least narrow down your choice to two roofing professionals. Therefore, if the roofer seems honest and sincere as well as provided you with a reasonable estimate that speaks volumes.

Also, keep in mind that if the roofer/contractor is insured and has a current license that is another plus which should help you make an informed decision. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau too see of the roofer has any pending complaints about their work or service.

Finally, securing a reputable roofer/contractor can be a chore however, if you follow certain rules it should make it much easier for you to secure a roofer that you feel confident about.

Just make certain any questions or concerns you may have had are cleared up prior to signing on the dotted line. If you do not do your own research and ask the right questions you could end up very dissatisfied with not only the work but the roofer in general. Follow a few simple rules and you should have no problems or regrets when making an informed decision about hiring a particular roofer or contractor.