5 Steps To Cleaning Your Garage in 2019

Let’s face it, no one likes cleaning out the garage. In 2019 though, garages are being used for so much more than just our cars. They are used as extra rooms for some like, kids’ playrooms, or someone’s hangout. Here are some helpful steps to keep in mind.

Don’t think you have to get it done in one day. Set some time aside on the weekend. If you can get your family to help, give each member a task. Visit: www.duracleanm.com.   If not, just stay focused and get it done in your own time. Rushing will just make you overlook things.

Organize the items being stored in the garage. If there are, items being used around the house, items being used for the car, or gardening equipment stored there, then label it as such. You could get separate bins and use a label maker to organize the items.

Find a storage solution that fits you. You could hang things like shovels, rakes, or blowers, on the wall and out of the way. Make sure anything in bins are properly labeled and can fit on a shelf.
Use a blower to clean the floor. After getting the bulk of the items organized and moved, use a blower to easily blow the dirt and dust out the garage door.

Enjoy your cleaned out garage and consider selling unwanted things. You are now free to use the room however you would like. Remember, if you have any unwanted items, label them as such and consider selling them on eBay or at a garage sale.