3 Reasons Spring Cleaning Should Include Carpet Cleaning

One of the things many homeowners, or renters, do is spring cleaning. After a winter of very little fresh air in a home, it is a chance to remove the dust, dirt and debris that accumulates during the winter months. While one might wash and dust, as a rule, the carpet gets a quick vacuum, which makes it look clean but it really isn’t.

A dirty carpet is, in reality, a health hazard. While a vacuum extracts the surface debris, it will not ‘deep clean’ and remove things such as dust mites, stains, indoor pollutants, bacteria, mold and so forth. This makes it essential to do a deep cleaning, which is especially true if you have a dog or a baby that crawls on the floor.

Many people do not realize that silverfish (also called carpet sharks), maggots and carpet bugs are commonly found in carpets, even after they have been vacuumed. The interesting thing about these bugs is that silverfish can last a year without eating, maggots feed on food dropped into the carpet and carpet bugs will eat holes in your carpet as well as other fabric items such as sofas, chairs and drapes.

There are a number of health issues that can occur with a dirty carpet. These include allergies, breathing issues, skin infection and/or irritation and higher anxiety levels.

If you find you, or members of your family, have running noses, coughing or cold symptoms, these can often be traced to mold in the carpet, which produces mycotoxins, making difficult to breathe.

Skin irritation and/or infection is indicated by redness, swelling or even itching. Athlete’s foot is a common problem associated with dirty carpets. Allergic reactions, to dirty carpet exposure, are indicated by sneezing, itchy skin and other conditions. These health problems can be avoided with proper carpet cleaning Lake Oswego.

While it is possible to clean the carpet yourself, it is well worth the time and money to have it professionally done. Materials commonly used in carpet cleaning include, pre-sprays, odor control and chemicals. A professional carpet cleaning service will apply the proper chemicals and use a steamer and extractor to remove all debris down to the base of the carpet. This is difficult to reach when home cleaning.

Properly cleaning carpets not only means extracting all the debris that works its way into the welt, over a period of time, but also prolongs their life. Carpets are not inexpensive and, if properly cared for, they can last for many years. A bright, clean carpet not only makes any room look fresh and well cared for but healthy as well.