Dry Carpet vs. Steam Cleaning: Which one is better?


Which is better for cleaning carpets in Thornton, dry carpet or steam cleaning? It’s a question, surely, as old as rugs and carpets themselves. The answer for which choice is right for you will not only depend on where your rug or carpet is located (high traffic versus low traffic areas) but also how much time you have, the materials of the rug or carpets, and whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional. Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of both Dry Carpet and Steam Cleaning side by side.

Dry carpet cleaning, also known as Very Low Moisture (VLM) cleaning, uses a combination of methods to minimize the drying time of washed carpets. Making sure carpets dry quickly not only minimizes the amount of time recently-washed areas of carpet must remain off-limits (to avoid re-soiling) but also minimizes the amount of moisture soaking into wooden or other kinds of flooring and odors. Typically, dry carpet cleaning includes pre-treatment with cleaning compounds spread over the carpet and designed to break down dirt, grease, and other soiling agents. The cleaning compounds are allowed to work into the carpet for some time before being either vacuumed up or picked up with a carpet washing machine. Among the popular methods of dry carpet cleaning today are the Bonnet method (in which a special floor-buffer like machine sprays cleaning solution in mist form and scrubs the carpets in a circular motion) and dry compound (which requires no special machines besides a normal vacuum cleaner).

In steam cleaning a special carpet cleaning machine applies hot water and detergent, “shampooing” and rinsing the carpet, sucking up the excess water. These machines can be easily rented and so the cleaning can be done without having to hire professional cleaners. However, the downside of steam cleaning is that it takes much longer for carpets to dry. Some customers might also be concerned about the use of the chemical cleaning compounds, and thus might choose steam cleaning over dry carpet cleaning. Both use chemicals, however. The advantage of dry carpet cleaning – especially if professionally done – is that most of the residue is sucked up by powerful machines and will leave no odor or moisture. However, steam cleaning when done professionally is also highly effective, and an excellent choice for customers who want or need to have carpets washed with hot water while also reducing drying time.

Protect Your Investment, Have Your Area Rugs Professionally Cleaned

Everyone wants their home to have a lovely appearance and be a place in which they can be proud. One of the components that adds beauty and style to a home are area rugs. The patterns and colors can be soothing, dramatic or dazzling. These rugs are an investment in your home and need proper care. This requires the assistance of a professional carpet cleaner.

A professional has vacuum power that is industrial strength. Power with the strength to remove all kinds of allergens, stains, sand and stubborn dirt. This means your area rugs will stay clean for a lot longer and the air quality in your home will improve. A standard vacuum cleaner simply cannot compete with the power of a professional cleaning.

Some people unknowingly use the wrong cleaners for their area rugs. Unfortunately, this can result in a lot of problems. Cheap or incorrect products can cause damage to your area rugs. They can also cost too much money and the process can be time consuming. A professional knows exactly which solutions to use to not only clean your rugs but keep them looking beautiful and fresh.

Most of the higher end carpets will tell you in the warranty how often a professional cleaning is recommended. Usually this is anywhere from twelve to eighteen months. This number will change if you have small kids or pets in your home. Areas that are high traffic or are exposed to pet hair, dirt and mud also require more frequent cleanings.

A professional carpet cleaner has the right tools and products to ensure your area rugs receive the proper care. A good commercial company specifically has experience, detergents, machines for cleaning and the proper training. Whether your area rugs are badly stained, covered in pet hair, or just plain dirty a professional can handle the job. They know exactly how to remove all different types of stains and bring the beauty back into your rugs.

Your rugs are a lot more than just a luxury. They are soft beneath your feet, help insulate your home and add your own sense of style. Unfortunately, they also absorb the bacteria and dirt people will bring into your home. If you do not remove this from your area rugs health difficulties such as allergies and asthma can be aggravated. You put in a lot of though, effort and care when you purchased your rugs. A professional rug cleaner will preserve them.


Best Ways to Vacuum Carpets and Rugs

Are you tired of your carpet look and feel? Do you believe it could use a major facelift? There aren’t many easy ways to vacuum your carpet and rugs deeply. It’s a job that often requires a professional. A professional cleaning could also help extend the life of your carpet. It’s something that needs to happen at least once a year for the sake of maintenance and quality. Rugs may need the same pampering.

Professional carpet and rug cleaning companies can send out a technician to provide your carpet with a fresh look and smell. An individual can only do so much to restore that “new” look and odor. Bad things happen to every good piece of carpet.

Stains are inevitable. Those aren’t easy to remove. Professional cleaning goes deep into the heart of the trouble. It can remove many unwanted and hard to clean spots. You could try to remove some spots and stains and never make any progress by yourself. If that’s the case, it might be time to get a little help. Pro carpet cleaners have the correct recipe for success. They can easily clean rugs and carpets.

Children sometimes spill things. Adults do, too. Over the years, a single layer of carpet can take a triple load of abuse. It’s the nature of the beast. Carpets are under our feet. So are our rugs. They aren’t meant to stay clean forever. The best carpet still requires regular maintenance and vacuuming.

Do you vacuum several times a week? Most people only vacuum once a week on average. That leaves a lot of dust and dirt buildup within the fabric of the carpet. One roam over the carpet with a small sized vacuum might not remove the dirt and debris. It could take an industrial strength cleaner.

Pets also can create havoc on any carpet. The damage long term can seemingly make any carpet look worn down. With a professional carpet cleaning, the damage can be reversed. Carpet can be restored. That’s good news for homeowners and business owners.

Professional carpet cleaners also can remove the odor that accompanies pet damage.
A simple vacuum will remove most of the dirt and grime that comes from foot traffic. Deep cleaning a carpet to get it back to a “new” look is different. It takes time and professional grade equipment.

Taking care of your carpet and rugs now increases the likelihood of a longer life span. Professional grade cleansing is the only way to absolutely improve the overall look, feel and smell of your carpet. It also will insure the carpet has an opportunity to last for years.

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3 Reasons Spring Cleaning Should Include Carpet Cleaning

One of the things many homeowners, or renters, do is spring cleaning. After a winter of very little fresh air in a home, it is a chance to remove the dust, dirt and debris that accumulates during the winter months. While one might wash and dust, as a rule, the carpet gets a quick vacuum, which makes it look clean but it really isn’t.

A dirty carpet is, in reality, a health hazard. While a vacuum extracts the surface debris, it will not ‘deep clean’ and remove things such as dust mites, stains, indoor pollutants, bacteria, mold and so forth. This makes it essential to do a deep cleaning, which is especially true if you have a dog or a baby that crawls on the floor.

Many people do not realize that silverfish (also called carpet sharks), maggots and carpet bugs are commonly found in carpets, even after they have been vacuumed. The interesting thing about these bugs is that silverfish can last a year without eating, maggots feed on food dropped into the carpet and carpet bugs will eat holes in your carpet as well as other fabric items such as sofas, chairs and drapes.

There are a number of health issues that can occur with a dirty carpet. These include allergies, breathing issues, skin infection and/or irritation and higher anxiety levels.

If you find you, or members of your family, have running noses, coughing or cold symptoms, these can often be traced to mold in the carpet, which produces mycotoxins, making difficult to breathe.

Skin irritation and/or infection is indicated by redness, swelling or even itching. Athlete’s foot is a common problem associated with dirty carpets. Allergic reactions, to dirty carpet exposure, are indicated by sneezing, itchy skin and other conditions. These health problems can be avoided with proper carpet cleaning Lake Oswego.

While it is possible to clean the carpet yourself, it is well worth the time and money to have it professionally done. Materials commonly used in carpet cleaning include, pre-sprays, odor control and chemicals. A professional carpet cleaning service will apply the proper chemicals and use a steamer and extractor to remove all debris down to the base of the carpet. This is difficult to reach when home cleaning.

Properly cleaning carpets not only means extracting all the debris that works its way into the welt, over a period of time, but also prolongs their life. Carpets are not inexpensive and, if properly cared for, they can last for many years. A bright, clean carpet not only makes any room look fresh and well cared for but healthy as well.

Professional carpet cleaning can be great in many ways

Professional carpet cleaning can be great in many ways. It can make the carpeting of any living space look and feel significantly more attractive and soft, for example. Dirty carpet doesn’t look appealing. It also doesn’t feel too nice against the feet, either. If you’re tired of walking on carpet that’s the definition of rough, lifeless, dull and unsightly, then professional carpet cleaning can turn your situation around 100 percent.

We’re a respected professional carpet cleaning business that has a highly experienced staff. Our staff members are all seasoned and trained carpet cleaning specialists who have a lot of expertise in the field. If your carpet needs a deep cleaning session, they can provide it for you. Our carpet cleaning technicians know how to properly clean carpeting of all types. They also know how to treat carpeting gently. This is because they use mild and gentle carpet cleaning formulas at all times. Their carpet cleaning equipment is also modern, efficient and trustworthy. Carpet Cleaning Boise ID is carpet cleaning company that always steers clear of potentially hazardous tools and aggressive cleaning solutions.

If you love the carpeting in your home but feel frustrated by all of the persistent stains on it, you can depend on our expert cleaners to help you out. They know how to make carpet look fresh, smooth and soft. They know how to get rid of annoying stains that have been on carpeting for quite a while. They also know how to get rid of lingering unpleasant smells on carpeting. If you own a puppy who had an unfortunate potty accident on your beautiful living room carpeting, our technicians can take care of the stain and smell for you. If you’re a parent who constantly has to deal with food and drink stains courtesy of your rather energetic young children, our technicians can take care of everything for you, too.

We have something beyond just expertise, too, and that’s fine customer service. We go above and beyond to treat our customers like they’re family members. We listen carefully to all of their carpet cleaning preferences and requests. We aim to give our customers service that’s efficient, thorough and 100 percent dependable. Our carpet cleaning service is only finished once our customers give us the green light. Our technicians do whatever is necessary to make sure our customers are always elated with our carpet cleaning results. We aim to do the best for our customers day in and day out.

Tips For Reducing Indoor Pollutants In Your Home

When many people think about air pollution, they think about the outdoor air. However, the air inside of your home may be more polluted than the air outdoors. In fact, the air inside of the average home is seven times more polluted than the air outside. The good news is that there are many ways you can reduce indoor air pollutants. Below is a list of tips that will help:

Ban Smoking

Smoking is one of the top causes of poor indoor air quality. That is why you should not smoke in your home or allow others to do so.

Find The Source Of Odors

If you have odors in your home, then it is best for you to find the source of them. Using an air freshener will only mask the odor. Keep in mind that some air fresheners have dangerous chemicals in them, which can reduce indoor air quality. The team from Chattanooga Carpet Cleaner know how to find the source of most odors.

Get Your Air Tested

The only way to find out which pollutants are in your home is to get it tested. There may be pollutants that you cannot see or smell. Radon is an example of a gas that you cannot see or smell. However, it is the second-leading cause of lung cancer. It is impossible to prevent indoor air pollution if you do not know exactly what is in your air.

Change Your HVAC System Filter

Your HVAC system can do a lot more than just keep your home comfortable. It can improve your indoor air quality. However, you will have to change your filter on a regular basis. The filter is designed to trap pollutants and prevent them from circulating throughout your home.


Having plants in your home is the simplest things you can do to reduce pollutants. Plants naturally remove toxins from the air. The peace lilly, English Ivy and areca palm are some of the plants that can improve your indoor quality.

Clean Up

A dirty home is a breeding ground for bacteria and other pollutants. That is why it is extremely important for you to keep your home clean. Make sure you vacuum on a regular basis. Dirty carpet is often the source of indoor air pollution. You should also have your carpet cleaned. A thorough carpet cleaning will remove pollutants that your vacuum cleaner cannot remove. Furthermore, you will need to clean your kitchen, bathrooms, living room and bedrooms on a regular basis.


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Preventing Bad Bacteria in the Home

indexThe tile grout lines located on countertops and walls are places where grime collects, leading to an unattractive appearance. Worse than the way the items look is that the grime may contain pathogens such as bacteria, mold or viruses that can lead to illness. Cleaning tile grout lines on a regular basis is imperative to have a sanitized surface in a home, but maintaining the material requires a lot of time along with specialized tools. Rather than attempting this difficult chore on your own, it is possible to hire a trained technician to bring the correct equipment and cleansers to your home.

Prevent Dangerous Foodborne Illnesses

On a daily basis, you should clean the grout in a kitchen after preparing and serving meals. Food debris tends to embed in a tile’s grout, creating an ugly color or foul odor, but a grout-cleaning technician can remove the food particles that remain in a kitchen’s countertop grout to avoid the dangers from salmonella that causes foodborne illnesses. You should wash a kitchen’s countertops with a soft cloth soaked in hot water and chlorine bleach, making sure to rub lightly on the grouting lines to remove dried substances.

Hire a Professional Technician

In bathrooms, the grout located on countertops and walls are covered with germs from dirty washcloths, toothbrushes and splashes of water during showers. A technician can use specialized tools and cleansers to remove debris that leads to illnesses. You can use a mild cleanser and soft cloth to wash and dry a bathroom’s grout lines to prevent soil buildup. For difficult stains, mix a paste of baking soda and water to apply to the discoloration before spraying it with white vinegar to bubble away debris.

Avoid Mold Growth on Grout

Not only do you need to worry about germs in the grout of bathrooms, but also, there is a possibility that mold will grow on the lines. Keeping mold from growing in grout lines in bathrooms is a challenge because the areas are frequently damp and humid, but you can turn on an exhaust fan to remove steam that helps the mold spores to grow. If you do not like to use harsh chlorine bleach in a home, then it is possible to mix warm water and white vinegar to sanitize grout lines, but make sure to dry the tiles completely with a soft cloth after cleaning.


Need More Info On Making sure your home is safe?  Carpets can also be a huge problem when it comes to mold and other bad bacteria in the home!  You can read more info at this Carpet Cleaner’s site in San Jose – Carpet Cleaning San Jose CA

Carpets need to be cleaned regularly to prevent germs and bacteria from developing in the house.  You also want to make sure the carpet cleaner you choose does things correctly so you know everything is dried right and cleaned correctly.  If a cleaner puts too much water into the carpet and doesn’t flush out the stains then it can just make matters worse.

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