5 Habits For A Cleaner Home


Cleaning a home can be time-consuming. If you tidy-up your home every day, then it will be a lot easier for you to keep your home clean. There are several things that you can do in order to keep your home clean.

Make up Your Bed

Making up your bed may seem like a pointless task. However, it will make a major difference in your home. Your room will look cleaner and more tidy after you make up the bed.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Taking your shoes off is one of the easiest things that you can do to keep your home clean. Your shoes track dirt, gum, leaves and feces and other things into your home. You will not have to clean your floors as often if you take off your shoes as soon as you get home.

De-clutter Your Home

The less items that you have in your home, the easier it will be for you to keep it clean. That is why you should get into the habit of de-cluttering your home. It is a good idea to de-clutter your home once every season. You can sell the items in order too make some extra money. You can also donate them to someone who is less fortunate.

Do a 15-Minute Daily Clean Up

Many people do not clean up their home until it gets really dirty. You can prevent your home from getting really dirty by cleaning up 15 minutes every day. You can spend 15 minutes a day cleaning up the bedrooms. You can also spend 15 minutes on one chore such as vacuuming or washing the dishes. You can also fold up the laundry.

You should encourage everyone in the household to spend 15 minutes a day cleaning up. If everyone spends a little time cleaning each day, then the house will stay clean.

Clean as you Go

Many of us have a tendency to put off household chores. However, cleaning is a lot easier if you get into the habit of cleaning as you go. For example, you can wash your dishes immediately after you have finished cooking. You can also wipe down the counters after you have finished cooking.

Afteer you have finished your laundry, you can immediately fold up your clothes and put them away. Additionally, when you move something you should get into the habit of putting it back in its proper place.

5 cleaning tips for keeping your carpets healthy


There are several tips that you can use when cleaning your carpets to make sure that they are healthy. The first tip is to make sure that you are vacuuming your carpets once to two times a week. Then if you have areas of your carpet that get a lot of foot traffic, you should vacuum them even more. Because the carpet has a lot of hidden debris, when it is not vacuumed all the time, then it is going to shorten the life of the carpet. the debris can damage the fibers in the carpet and can cause health issues.The second tip is to sprinkle some baking soda on the carpets. It will need to stand for about 15 minutes before vacuum the carpet. This is going to help to neutralize some of odors that might be inside of the carpet.The third tip is to take your time when you are vacuuming the carpet. This is the best way that you will be able to remove some of the dust, dirt, and allergens that are deeply embedded in the carpet. Therefore, you will need to go over the carpet several times in multiple directions in a crisscross pattern and overlap the strokes. The vacuum is going to work more effectively if you slowly and smoothly vacuum the carpet.The fourth tip is to make sure that you deal with any spills and spots as quickly as possible. But you will need to test the area to make sure that you are not damaging any of the carpet. There are some carpet cleaning solutions that could fade the dyes or color of your carpet. This is especially true if you are going to be using it a lot.

The fifth tip is to make sure that you keep the entryways of your carpet clean. The best way to do this is to use an entry rug and enforce the remove your shoes before you come into the house regimen. You could also have a doormat on the outside of the entry way where people will be able to wipe their feet before they come into your home. You can also sweep the outside of the entryway all of the time. This is going to help to make sure that no one is going to be tracking in any pollen, dirt, or other types of debris into your home.  More Info Here: http://flagstaffcarpetcare.com/

Dry Carpet vs. Steam Cleaning: Which one is better?

Which is better for cleaning carpets in Thornton, dry carpet or steam cleaning? It’s a question, surely, as old as rugs and carpets themselves. The answer for which choice is right for you will not only depend on where your rug or carpet is located (high traffic versus low traffic areas) but also how much time you have, the materials of the rug or carpets, and whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional. Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of both Dry Carpet and Steam Cleaning side by side.

Dry carpet cleaning, also known as Very Low Moisture (VLM) cleaning, uses a combination of methods to minimize the drying time of washed carpets. Making sure carpets dry quickly not only minimizes the amount of time recently-washed areas of carpet must remain off-limits (to avoid re-soiling) but also minimizes the amount of moisture soaking into wooden or other kinds of flooring and odors. Typically, dry carpet cleaning includes pre-treatment with cleaning compounds spread over the carpet and designed to break down dirt, grease, and other soiling agents. The cleaning compounds are allowed to work into the carpet for some time before being either vacuumed up or picked up with a carpet washing machine. Among the popular methods of dry carpet cleaning today are the Bonnet method (in which a special floor-buffer like machine sprays cleaning solution in mist form and scrubs the carpets in a circular motion) and dry compound (which requires no special machines besides a normal vacuum cleaner).

In steam cleaning a special carpet cleaning machine applies hot water and detergent, “shampooing” and rinsing the carpet, sucking up the excess water. These machines can be easily rented and so the cleaning can be done without having to hire professional cleaners. However, the downside of steam cleaning is that it takes much longer for carpets to dry. Some customers might also be concerned about the use of the chemical cleaning compounds, and thus might choose steam cleaning over dry carpet cleaning. Both use chemicals, however. The advantage of dry carpet cleaning – especially if professionally done – is that most of the residue is sucked up by powerful machines and will leave no odor or moisture. However, steam cleaning when done professionally is also highly effective, and an excellent choice for customers who want or need to have carpets washed with hot water while also reducing drying time.

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FedEx Kinkos The Office Meeting Commercial

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Top 6 Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean During Holidays


Many families find it a challenging task to keep their homes clean during holidays. This is because holidays come with increased home activities including parties, visiting friends and family members. However, this should not worry you anymore. Below are essential tips that will make it easy for you to keep your home clean during holidays. http://www.cleanfax.com/

Start the holiday with a clean home. It is of great significance to give your homes pristine look before the season begins. This will give you the motivation to maintain it in that state. Consider a deep cleaning exercise, either by yourself or through local home cleaning Companies. Welcoming the period with untidy home can be a disaster.

Clean your kitchen as you go. Do not wait for dirty dishes to pile-up in the sink and the dishwasher. Consider clearing and cleaning after every step. Dirty kitchen can actually make the whole house untidy due cross-over movements. Embrace the trick to keep your home clean.

Vacuum under and around your garden trees daily. This will help you to prevent the pine needles from spreading all-over your compound. Daily vacuuming will keep your backyard in its perfect condition contributing to the total aesthetic beauty of your home.

Sort-out and clean your refrigerator. You are likely to keep a bigger stock in your fridge than usual. You therefore need to reorganize it and get rid of items that are out of need. A clean refrigerator contributes to a clean home. A bad odor from the house can actually ruin your holiday experience.

Clean spillages from your carpet, rugs and sofa as soon they occur. Using the right cloth and solution, blot the stains to keep your carpet and upholstery clean and sparkling. You should note that it is actually very easy to clean stains when they are still fresh. When left for a long time, they become tough and difficult to remove.

Design a simple cleaning schedule and politely ask people to keep their shoes by the door. Holiday comes with overwhelming series of activities. It is therefore easy to skip cleaning. A simple cleaning schedule therefore becomes handy. List what you need to clean and when you need to clean it. You can always include the other members of the family in the schedule. Ask occupants and visitors to keep their shoes at the veranda particularly during wet seasons. This helps to reduce the amount of possible soiling. Keep these tips with you for a cleaner home during festive seasons.  Check out the Carpet Cleaning Orange County site for more info.

Recreation in Jacksonville North Carolina

Recreation in Jacksonville North Carolina

Jacksonville, North Carolina is a small coastal town located midway between Morehead City and Wilmington, and is adjacent to Camp Lejeune Marine Corp base and the Marine Corp Air Base at New river. It is the home of Coastal Carolina College. The population of Jacksonville, N.C. is about 80,000 people and there are plenty of activities in which the local residents, college students, and Marines can participate.

Since this is a coastal town, fishing, boating, and other water sports are high on the list of things to do. You can choose fresh water fishing for bass, perch, catfish and crappie, or you can elect to go salt water fishing for flounder, tuna, mackerel, yahoo and billfish. There are plenty of fresh water and salt water charters available. Other coastal activities include kayaking, standup paddle boarding and water skiing.

If fishing and water sports are not your thing, you can visit the Lynwood Park Zoo, several Marine Museums and Memorial Gardens, or the local flea market and antique shops. Kids will love the Mini Golf course, or you could take them to Jump In Jax, a playground with several bounce houses.

Of course, after a day in the sun, you will be hungry. It has been reported that there are over 253 restaurants in or near Jacksonville. In addition to traditional American food, there are restaurants specializing in Middle Eastern, Italian and Japanese fusion cuisine. There are also many seafood restaurants in Jacksonville and nearby locations, all of them specializing in fresh North Carolina sea food. Dinner out at a restaurant of your choice will provide a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Speed Clean your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps
Of all the rooms in one’s home, the kitchen stands out as the benchmark of the homes overall cleanliness. The kitchen demands attention every day to stay sparkling clean and shining. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours after every meal to keep it looking its best, however. With some planning, the kitchen can be brought to a glimmering clean in a short amount of time.

The first step should be planning out what you need and what needs to be done. Gathering all of your cleaning products and keeping them safely stored nearby or in the kitchen prevents time being wasted going from place to place collecting what you need. Set out the tools you need for specifically what you’re doing that day. For example, the floor may need swept but not mopped at that moment, so get out the broom but leave the mop and cleaner in the closet.

Next, prepare a sink full of hot, soapy water. If the dishes are to be done by hand, or if you prefer to let them soak before putting them in the dishwasher now is the time to put them in this water. Scrape any food remnants into the garbage disposal or trash and let them soak for several minutes before washing by hand or starting the dishwasher. If neither of these applies, a small amount of soapy water in the sink will work instead and can be used as a rag rinse, water to wipe down items or finally used to clean the sink itself.

The next step will be to wipe down counters and appliances. Since this isn’t a deep cleaning, pay attention more to the visible surfaces and save deeper cleaning things like the inside of the microwave or oven for a time you set aside for them specifically. Wiping with a wet soapy rag will work alone, or going over a quick second time with a glass cleaner will add an additional shine. Pay special attention to the sink here, drain the water and wipe thoroughly, the shine leave the impression of cleanness more than anything else in the kitchen!

Then, sweep and spot check your floor. Sweeping should make the floor clean quickly and wipe down any spots not removed by the sweep will leave the floors shining.

Finally, take out the trash. This will remove any offending scents and foodstuffs that could make the kitchen look dirty. Re-line your trash container and marvel at fast you got this all done! Carpet Cleaning in Redding site has additional info.

Protect Your Investment, Have Your Area Rugs Professionally Cleaned

Everyone wants their home to have a lovely appearance and be a place in which they can be proud. One of the components that adds beauty and style to a home are area rugs. The patterns and colors can be soothing, dramatic or dazzling. These rugs are an investment in your home and need proper care. This requires the assistance of a professional carpet cleaner.

A professional has vacuum power that is industrial strength. Power with the strength to remove all kinds of allergens, stains, sand and stubborn dirt. This means your area rugs will stay clean for a lot longer and the air quality in your home will improve. A standard vacuum cleaner simply cannot compete with the power of a professional cleaning.

Some people unknowingly use the wrong cleaners for their area rugs. Unfortunately, this can result in a lot of problems. Cheap or incorrect products can cause damage to your area rugs. They can also cost too much money and the process can be time consuming. A professional knows exactly which solutions to use to not only clean your rugs but keep them looking beautiful and fresh.

Most of the higher end carpets will tell you in the warranty how often a professional cleaning is recommended. Usually this is anywhere from twelve to eighteen months. This number will change if you have small kids or pets in your home. Areas that are high traffic or are exposed to pet hair, dirt and mud also require more frequent cleanings.

A professional carpet cleaner has the right tools and products to ensure your area rugs receive the proper care. A good commercial company specifically has experience, detergents, machines for cleaning and the proper training. Whether your area rugs are badly stained, covered in pet hair, or just plain dirty a professional can handle the job. They know exactly how to remove all different types of stains and bring the beauty back into your rugs.

Your rugs are a lot more than just a luxury. They are soft beneath your feet, help insulate your home and add your own sense of style. Unfortunately, they also absorb the bacteria and dirt people will bring into your home. If you do not remove this from your area rugs health difficulties such as allergies and asthma can be aggravated. You put in a lot of though, effort and care when you purchased your rugs. A professional rug cleaner will preserve them.


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